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Expected 2/29


If you ever questioned the validity of Major, it’s right there in the name. 'Mama Only Son' shuts down all the speculations and provides certified proof - Oren is MAJOR. 


Album 8 is a unifying of the classic soul, grit and songfulness that Oren has embodied since the beginning. With its inspiring, energized and vulnerable tracklist, ‘MOS’ motivates the listener to do just that - listen. 


Diverse sounds, hidden gems and texture smooth as butter are combined with top tier production from chart topping producers like Djay Cas (Nipsey Hussle, Jeezy, Ace Hood) & RushDee (Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jadakiss) to paint a backdrop that listeners will L4L.


Mama Only Son: Hotter [Deluxe Album]

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